Helpful Tips Part 3

Programming: You have to create lots of small programs to collect data from the sensors and send some of the data back to the ground and save all the data to the onboard memory cards. To do this you want to get a text editor like vi and learn how to use it. You may want to get a form of Linux called Ubuntu which is a free operating system that helps you to do everything you may want to do. One important thing that you should know about Ubuntu is if you get it on a PC it will overwrite your operating system instead of the operating system you had before like XP, Vista, or Windows 7. The newer Macs can have more than one operating system so if you have a Mac you can have Ubuntu and your other operating system. It is a great thing to understand programing or learn some programing. One more thing that you should familiarize your self with is to know how you should program it you should give it both automatic controls and Manuel controls during the launch. By controls I mean robotics and parachutes that kind of thing. Those are the basics of how to create a weather balloon payload project.

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