You can be a HAPPy sponsor!
If you are interested in sponsoring part of this project , donating some equipment or supplies or just helping out please contact us.
Sponsor logos will be featured on the capsule and each sponsor will have optional access to 2 ounces of payload space.
We are also accepting proposals for experiments or other personal payloads weighing up to a total of 2 pounds to tag along for the wild ride to the edge of space.


Many thanks to all the folks listed below, this mission would not have happened without your support!

Rolf Geyling
Parachute and balloon donated by the Geyling’s – http://rudysbeat.com

Color Services
The kind folks at SCS have contributed a cell phone which will SMS the GPS location data to the payload recovery team.

Mark Caviezel
Mark Caviezel is a GPS and APRS savant! He can read a GPS like most people read a kids book – amazing!  It was due to Mark’s talent (and some crazy driving thru Oxnard neighborhoods) that we got to see the payload coming into land lazily twirling on the parachute!

Tad Wagner
Site design and original music contributed by the multi-talented Tad Wagner.

Bob Schmitt
Arduino and SD shield for onboard electronics that runs all the sensors and data logging.

Thanks to the APRS.fi site for their awesome APRS API that we will use to tweet the HAPPy location during flight 🙂

Chris Orwig
Chris Orwig donated an iPhone 3GS for a backup GPS tracking device.

Lesson Planet
lessonplanet.com sponsored the APRS radio/gps unit used to transmit real-time loation data to the tracking team.

Ben Millett
Ben provided the Li-ion battery pack which powered the Arduino.

Nate, Micah and JT Rogers
Nate and co. formed a critical part of the recovery team and also sponsered the helium gas for the mission.

Luke, Anton Hoffmann and Emanuel
Thanks to my little brothers Luke and Emanuel who donated thirty feet of high strength single braid nylon rope which will hold together all of the components for this project.
My Grandfather who is the pastor at Green Tree church has donated some more nylon rope.

Martyn Hoffmann
My Uncle has donated a gopro sd hero which will be used to view the experiments as the flight goes on.