Helpful Tips part 1

In the following posts I will give you helpful advice in building your own High Altitude Payload Project as well as tips on launch, safety, and laws.

Programming: Here are some helpful tips on the building and programing of a high altitude payload project. One of the huge things is that buying supplies does not have to be expensive. You can make it cost thousands of dollars or you can make it a low cost project. One great way to make it low cost is to get help from other people. We already have a sponsor early on in the project who donated a computer that we will be placed inside the payload its self as well as a second sponsor who donated my testing laptop that we will use to track the balloon in the air. The other thing is buy used items if possible and use resources that you already have. The items you need depend on the height you plan to send it to. In any case no matter how you do it you will need a weather balloon. If you plan to send it to the edge of the atmosphere you probably want to make sure that it is ozone resistant. If you want to recover it once it has landed you should put a computer on board that has an altimeter, a GPS, and any other things you may want on board connected like a camera. If you plan to send it up high, your payload should also be pressurized.

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