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Tons of views!

There has been a recent surge in views on youtube! We just broke 36,000 hits!

Balloon flight path

Here is a screen shot of the flight data… I’ll post a Google Earth KML file later when I figure out how to generate it from the raw telemetry data.

Note the few minutes spent falling over the Pacific Ocean!

Some initial data – high altitude balloon temperature graph.

The Arduino worked perfectly and took 5755 temperature readings inside and outside the capsule.
The capsule was not air tight but still acted as a pretty good buffer for the internal air temperature.

First HAPPy photo from near space!

Our first photo from space 🙂  Taken around 70,000 feet looking towards Thousand Oaks.


We just got the balloon back. It landed on a soft patch of grass. We will post raw video and pics ASAP with an edited video coming soon. Stay tuned as more content is released. We also saw it land and a partner might have videoed the land

Balloon is falling!!!!!!

we are retrieving it now

We just left the launch site

we are on the move tracking the balloon. Keep an eye on Twitter and aprè the tracking call sign is kd0pfn.

We are set for tomorrow

After the scrub earlier today we had time to fix the aprs unit which was not working properly prior to the failed attempt. We are good for tomorrow in Port Hueneme at 9:00 am. Hopefully we will be able to get it in the air this time.


we were just at the launch site and we’re ready to go with the balloon filled and everything ready. After counting down we released the balloon only to find out that we did not have enough helium! We are going to gt a bigger tank and try for a relaunch tomorrow.

It’s launch day!!!

ceral check
Starbucks check

We are now enroute to are launch zone with launch party in toe